Planned Events


Saturday, 22 OCTOBER 2022 10 AM – 2 PM

At the Idyllwild Nature Center!



Wendy Read & Celia Bonney
Wendy Read & Celia Bonney



The Idyllwild Garden Club is celebrating the 12th year of steering the Discover Mountain Gardening event to the hopes, ambitions, and needs of our local mountain gardening aficionados!  This continuing annual series is designed to supplement and share knowledge about the aspects, ways and means of building and maintaining a thriving and beneficial Mountain Garden! Attendance is free! We will have on hand native plants, fragrant daffodil bulbs, soil amendments, books & more available for purchase at lower prices!


Our Garden Angels

pictured left to right, are Edith Brix, Gary Parton, Bronwyn Jones bringing us the programs!

10:00 AM: Edith Brix is our Wonder Woman in the truly creative ways and means of cleverly enriching your interior decorations with small treasures from our amazing forest world!  Your senses  will be opened anew to the  possibilities all around!

11:00 AM Program: Gary Parton stands tall among the Lilac devotees of the world.  He has devoted decades to the well-being of hundreds of lilac species on his magical acre in Fern Valley.  Lilacs have long graced our local lands where the climate is friendly, but now threats loom.  Gary will explore what the future may portend for the beloved Lilac in the face of new challenges.

12:30 PM Program: Bronwyn Jones is our Wise Woman on the Hill for all things Native – the plants, the birds,the butterflies and bees, which truly make our world work. Her theme today is promoting sustainability one native plant garden at a time.


Edith Brix, Gary Parton, Bronwyn Jones


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